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" I truly discovered the value of a water purification system compared to just a water softener. I didn't even really know there was a difference. I learned that TX and specially San Antonio and surrounding areas have some of the worst hard water in the entire country! Hard water is a serious issue. I didn't realize all the negative effects it has. Not only on your home's plumbing system. But your skin and hair! The Westinghouse water purifiaction system is top notch and comes with an amazing warranty. When I purchase my own home I will for sure be getting one installed from HydroClear Water Treatment! Thank you for your business and look forward to a continued business relationship!
Devon Allan Towle, March 7, 2017

"Gabe Thompson came the other day to our new home and educated my husband and I on hard and soft water! We really had no clue on what was in our water until Gabe did the water demonstration! We are so happy we decided to get our HydroClear water system, we highly recommend it to everyone!! Thank you so much, Treviño family!
Claudia Yvette Ramos-Treviño , May 7, 2017

" Brendon came to our house and showed us demonstrations on hard water and soft water..we had no clue how hard water affected so many different areas in our home! His customer service was excellent! He explained everything in detail..John and him answered all our questions with no issues..we are very excited to get our system installed in a couple days...what a HUGE difference it will make in our household....
Esmeralda Carrillo, May 31, 2017

" Seth came over to my new home and provided an amazing water demonstration. He is very knowledgable and answered all my questions. I can't wait to start using my new water system and reap the benefits of clean water. Thank you Seth and HydroClear! You guys are fantastic!!!.
Nicole Soto, April 12, 2017

" We just wanted to say Thank you to Gabe Thompson and John Hancock for educating us on the HydroClear Water Treatment System. We are so happy with our system and amazed with our soft water and the difference that it makes in our new home!!! Highly recommend to everyone to listen to these gentlemen and invest in HydroClear trust me you will not regret it and in the end you save thousands. AJ and Cindy Jones
Alton and Cindy Jones, May 11, 2017

" It has saved my family & me hundreds of dollars in just the few short months we have had the system. Our water tastes better to drink, feels better to wash in, and cleans better in the washing machine. This system works wonders & I would strongly recommend it to anyone that is thinking about purchasing it.
Steve Hirt & Family

" The water is extremely soft, crystal clear, no slime, scum or discoloration. I am extremely satisfied.
Dian E. Bethea

" There is absolutely no regrets on this purchase. By only using less detergent to wash dishes and soap we save a bundle. Besides saving money all the goodness that it has done is immeasurable. My own hair has changed, it is softer and so much lighter even my hairdresser has noticed the change. I’d rather wash my hair at home and finish at the hair salon. I recommend this product to everyone maybe in the future it will be a requirement for all homes."
Evadne Benson

" It has been a true blessing in our lives! Our youngest daughter had eczema and shortly after installation of the system, it quickly disappeared. Our water doesn’t smell like it used to and is actually refreshing to drink. We truly love our system and wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world! You can’t put a price on health and our system has been and will be an investment worth every penny of the money we spent for it! A lifetime of refreshing clean water free from the massive amounts of chlorine and harmful chemicals is actually a small price to pay! We cannot say enough about how wonderful it is!
Matthew & Sandy Black

" My laundry is cleaner (without using any bleach), I use less detergent both for laundry and washing dishes, the drinking water is great, and my hair is shinier and smoother. Most importantly, I don’t have any stains in my sinks or toilet bowls. This is one of the best investments I have ever made.
Jean LeFrancois, June 24, 2014

" I have noticed a vast difference in the quality of my drinking water and the water used by my house appliances. I would recommend to anyone to get a Westinghouse water system installed in their home if they value their health and the health of their families.
Michael Allen Paul Mack, October 3, 2014